Intan Miranti


Intan is a Learning & Behaviour Consultant for children on the autism spectrum or those with related difficulties.  She has worked with more than 200 children between the ages of two and twelve since 2005. 

She specializes in designing remedial school-based and home-based programmes, supporting children who are in inclusive classrooms by advising their IEP teams, as well as training parents and educators on learning curricula, behaviour management and school/community integration skills. In addition, she runs ANDI Initiative which offers training and related services to the local autism community.

Intan is also part-time college lecturer. Her article, “Six Metacomponents of Metacognition in Parents of Children with Autism: A Cross-disciplinary, Cross-cultural Review” was published in the Journal of Special Needs Education 2014.

A current  project-in-development is the Autism Emergency Support KL, a grassroots initiative by a group of autism therapists, aimed at easing communication between a person with autism, his/her family, and medical staff, during a medical emergency at a hospital/clinic.

Most importantly, she is the parent of two young men, one on the autism spectrum.

Consultation is by appointment only.