Associate Professor Dr Erwin J. Khoo

Adv Dip Med Sci (IMU), MBBS (IMU), MRCPCH (UK), AM (Mal), FRCPCH (UK), Certificate in Paediatric Bioethics (US)

Dr. Erwin Khoo is a Fellow in the Centre for Bioethics, Harvard Medical School and Head of Paediatrics Department at International Medical University, Malaysia (IMU). He is also a Fellow of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (UK) and the former Deputy Director of Centre for Bioethics and Humanities at IMU. He has been involved in the governance of several public and private initiatives, and currently serves as an Executive Council Member for the College of Paediatrics, Academy of Medicine of Malaysia as well as an editorial board member for BMC Pediatrics.

His excellence in various areas of medicine granted him the Excellence Service Award (Ministry of Health) in 2013, the Young Investigator Award (Perinatal Society of Malaysia) in 2015 and an international scholarship to complete a short course in Chinese Medicine at the Shanghai University of Traditional Medicine in 2018.

He is not only an educator to young doctors training in this craft, but he also shares his expertise as a medical advisor for NewParents, a print publication that empowers parents to improve child health outcomes.

While he enjoys music, travels and sports, his greatest love is to share them with his wonderful wife and two children. 

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What Parents Say…

Dr Erwin Khoo was incredibly patient and explained everything clearly.
~ Roy