Dr Ng Yi-Ki

MBBS (IMU), MRCPCH (UK), Postgrad Dip Paed Nutrition (Boston), Early Nutrition Specialist (Munich)

Dr Yi-Ki absolutely loves doing what she’s been doing for the past 15 years! As a community paediatrician and a mother of two young children, she is a strong advocate for breastfeeding with a keenness in early child nutrition and parenting skills to nurture healthy resilient children. She also has a special interest in early childhood development and does developmental screening assessments.

She believes that the clinic visits which produce the best outcomes are those that are done with CARE Clear and open communication, Anchored on empowering parents with the right medical facts, and Rooted in Empathy.

Join her on dryikis_crib Facebook and Instagram where she shares her life experiences as a “paeds mama” as well as medical information and videos.

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What Parents Say…

Our kids love Dr.Yiki as she is very gentle, kind, patient with them. She is very knowledgeable on the products in the market and recommends the best solution to our problems.